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Need an Egg Donor?

Embryon provides the helping hand needed to become a parent through gametes donation.

Embryon’s EU certified donor program carefully adheres to Cyprus’ legal framework and incorporates the care and treatment for both donors and recipients of:

  • Anonymous in-house or foreign egg donors
  • Donor Sperm
  • Donor Embryos (Embryo Adoption)
Need a Donor
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Our 10 egg guarantee

Egg donation consists of the donation of a guaranteed minimum of 10 oocytes (eggs) from an anonymous donor for IVF treatment. It is a safe, reliable fertility treatment with a higher rate of success over all other IVF treatments .

Unlike other countries, egg donation is completely legal in Cyprus. Cyprus assisted reproduction law protects donor identity, so that the donor never knows the child’s identity and the child never knows who the donor is.

Our unique egg donor program consists of a wide selection of experienced donors; who have proven to be successful.

Like with all aspects of your fertility pathway, at Embryon YOU provide the input for your perfect donor using your personal photos and your personal criteria. Our strict screening measures and innovative Perfect Match 360 system assist us in securing your selection together.

Why Embryon for Egg Donation in Cyprus?

As trusted experts with many years of experience in egg donation, we make it easy for you to relax, understand and feel comfortable and confident.
Our safety and accuracy measures when carrying out IVF treatment, combined with affordability from a financial standpoint make egg donation now more accessible than ever before.
With no wait lists and no need to disclose who the donor is, the process can move swiftly and smoothly while ensuring that the necessary privacy is kept secure for all who take part.

Embryon Fertility Center in Limassol Cyprus

The use of donor eggs may be recommended for:

Benefits of Egg Donation in Cyprus

One of the main benefits of IVF egg donation is its high rate of success. The principle being that the age of the egg, not the uterus, is the critical factor. Success rates for donor egg IVF can be 3 to 10 times higher than with traditional IVF. Much of this success is due to the use of young and fertile egg donors.

Egg donor IVF offers some possible advantages over adoption.

Egg Donation IVF Process

Egg donation

IVF Process

In our IVF lab, the donor’s eggs are combined with the provided sperm. The number of embryos transferred and the day upon which the embryos are transferred depend upon the number and quality of embryos that result from this cycle. In most cycles, our physicians transfer two embryos on day five.

Many egg donors produce a large number of eggs which increases the possibility of freezing embryos for future use. Among many other advantages, pregnancy with donor egg IVF has a reduced rate of miscarriage and Down Syndrome.

Below are some of the steps involved in the Egg Donor IVF process, most of which take place at our clinic, in conjunction with our in-house egg bank:

Physician Consultation

Step 01

Coordinator Consult

Step 02

Egg Donor Selection

Egg Donor Selection (If you are using an in-house donor, you may be matched with a donor at the start of your testing/evaluation cycle. If you are using a foreign donor affiliated with an external egg donor agency, they will be screened utilizing the same criteria as the in-house donor program. The timing of the cycle will be determined by factors such as schedule availability of you, the donor and our IVF specialist. You will discuss the timing directly with your coordinator.

Step 03


Syncronization of donor treatment cycle culminating in recipient embryo transfer