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Embryon Fertility Center’s Integrated Approach

We’ve worked with thousands of men and women just like you. We want to help you get there any way we can.

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Dr. Monica Efstathiou with a Baby at Embryon Fertility Center in Cyprus

Dr. Monica Efstathiou

Head of Embryology

Monica Efstathiou has a Master of Science degree in clinical embryology from the Monash Medical Centre Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. She specialized in embryo freezing techniques and studied under leading and revolutionary specialists in the field of ART, such as David Gardner. Her talents were enhanced in Greece, India, Spain, Poland and UK during her practice as a clinical embryologist where she achieved recognition with advanced standing in embryo culture and pre-genetic testing. Monica has contributed her skills to over 24,000 IVF cycles and is a founding member of the Embryon team. She has dedicated her career to the life-changing work of expanding families and celebrates in the joy it brings to our patients.

Dr. Sotiris Efstathiou with a Baby at Embryon Fertility Center in Cyprus

Dr. Sotiris Efstathiou

Head of Gynaecology

Dr. Sotiris Efstathiou (OBGYN) is a dedicated fertility specialist, certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Efstathiou utilizes cutting-edge fertility practices, and specializes in diminished ovarian reserve, recurrent pregnancy loss, repeat infertility diagnoses and embryo transfer technique. He is an experienced and accredited laparoscopy surgeon.

Embryon Fertility Center in Limassol Cyprus
We are Embryon.

Get to know us

As you already know, infertility can be a frustrating and debilitating diagnosis. Embryon’s biggest achievement is having assisted thousands of miracle babies come to light since 2016, even a 53 year-old now proud mum to twins!

You and your family deserve the best treatment and ongoing care possible, and that’s what we deliver.  You’re sure to receive the most comprehensive fertility work-up and testing, along with having access to today’s most cutting-edge treatments.

Our Fertility Clinic in Cyprus is an inviting and welcoming space where you can count on sensitivity and privacy at all times. Our ongoing aim is to turn hopelessness into courage and achieve success, even when the fertility journey gets bumpy or may seem like a dead end.


Dedicated Embryon Personnel

Our dedicated Embryon personnel, is passionate about making your IVF treatment as transparent as possible. So you know exactly what to expect and why. Our team’s ultimate goal is to make you feel as at home as possible, during what can feel like an overwhelming and desperate time.

We help you evaluate all of your options, establish realistic expectations and build a treatment pathway that meets your needs and fits your schedule.

Apart from our indisputable track record, we also have a full staff of coordinators to ensure all your needs are met, whether this is discussing your care in the language of your choice to helping you arrange your travel logistics if you are coming to us from abroad.

Dr. Monica Efstathiou with babies at Embryon Fertility Center in Cyprus
Personalized Care

Personalized Care

We may be located on an island, but you’re not. You’re never alone or left without answers.

Exceptional IVF treatment is a skilled combination of scientific expertise, established success rates, and a trusting collaboration between doctor and patient. We work with you step-by-step to create a custom fertility plan. We listen to you before making any decisions.

While the assisted reproductive field has moved forward at lightning speed, and we’re proud to have stayed at the forefront, our reputation has been built on the personal support we bring to every case.

We recognize that by the time you reach our doors, you’re most likely tired, confused and scared to hope for success. Struggling with fertility affects every area of life – interpersonal, professional, financial, physical and social.

This journey can be for some one of life’s most stressful challenges, and we get that. This is why our approach at Embryon is reputed to be so empathetic and individualized. We support you in taking an active role in your treatment plan so we can make the best health care decisions for you and your family together.

While we are certainly very proud of our success record, even more so of the ongoing relationships we have nurtured with the patients who have trusted us with their life’s most important masterpiece.

Sensitivity and Success. You can have both

While being heard and understood is so crucial for any fertility journey, the ultimate question every patient asks is “but will it work for me and what are my chances of success”?

Embryon has an established history of superior live birth rates recorded per transfer. We take great pride in the number of women we have helped achieve pregnancy, whether of an advanced age, through IVF, as surrogates, or through sperm and egg donation.

When it comes to building your family, we know that reaching our set goal can make the difference of a lifetime and we’re proud of our results.

Sensitivity & Success

Your Success Is Our
Happy Ending

Here at Embryon we have one job — to help you, your partner or your surrogate get pregnant. Every fertility blueprint deserves to be evaluated holistically so we determine the best answer for you; this could be different to how we might direct a patient with similar backgrounds or challenges.

Once we have determined which fertility treatment will be your best fit, we fully devote ourselves to ensuring it’s as successful as possible. A first attempt positive pregnancy test is what we strive for. But if that doesn’t happen, we continue to try. We don’t quit until you are fully satisfied and head home a success story.


Science With a Soft Touch: Recreating The Uterine Environment

The location of our clinic was selected thoughtfully, our main concern being the protection and care of embryos, ensuring the best environment for their development. We are located uphill and outside of the city center. Embryos are fed with fresh air, away from gas and exhaust fumes; mirroring the natural environment of the uterus and encouraging better growth.

Our two-story, 260 square foot facility features a world-class IVF Laboratory, exceeding all industry standards and recommendations while providing a light-filled and welcoming space.

From the materials used inside the laboratory, to timing expertise, to expert embryo handling techniques, Embryon has made every effort to ensure our laboratory performs to the highest measures possible.

Embryon Fertility Center in Limassol Cyprus

As much as for our treatment success, we are proud that our patients feel at home at Embryon. We provide warm, open and friendly surroundings with consistent support and professionalism.

Our ultimate aim is to reduce patient stress and build a patient-practitioner relationship based on trust and accomplishment. Reducing stress, as much as possible, is vital for successful IVF treatment.

Embryon Fertility Center in Limassol Cyprus
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