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Embryon Fertility Center is one of the best IVF clinics in Cyprus
consistently delivering excellent IVF success rates across all treatment types.

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We are Embryon.

Internationally Renowned Fertility & IVF Clinic in Cyprus

At Embryon, we have been creating miracles for thousands of patients and specialize in complex cases with an average of 4 prior failures at clinics elsewhere. We are committed to designing personalized fertility treatment plans just as unique as each patient who places their trust in our hands for their care.

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what we do

Our Fertility Treatments & Services

Cyprus, a favourite destination for travel, attracts patients from over 18 countries worldwide. As IVF options are expanding every day, we are on top of it; genetic testing, egg donation and surrogacy are but a few options we provide.

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true story


True stories

The miracle of
family is
our mission.

True stories: infertility & IVF patient testimonials

Embryon is holding your hand the whole way

“A mother’s joy begins with new life stirring inside…when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is not alone…Embryon thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this miracle”​


"Η καλύτερη κλινική εξωσωματικής γονιμοποίησης με εξαιρετικά ψηλά ποσοστά επιτυχίας!"


“Successful from first attempt and super happy to have my little boy in my arms! Embryon was there through the whole experience, giving me updates every day until transfer. Monica even paid a visit to the clinic after birth. The attention and support that I got here made it all feel so smooth!”


"Efstathiou Monica and Dr. Sotiris Efstathiou, we thank you very much for the greatest present that we could ever receive, you are both very professional but also and more importantly, kind and caring! The whole team and facilities are top class and we could never thank you enough!"


"Our joy indescribable!!! ☺️ After so long we will have the most valuable gift in our arms soon!! My Monica thank you from the bottom of our heart for this miracle you offered us!!"




our team

A Team Approach

With teamwork, understanding and dedication, we turn the impossible into the very possible.

Our medical team at Embryon is internationally recognized in the field of IVF and every patient is our top priority. Our experienced staff of nurses, embryologists, and IVF specialists in Cyprus are all instrumental in providing guidance in creating the most thorough treatment plan possible for each individual. We’re scientists, but we’re also spouses and parents and have been patients too.


our clients

Our Patients

We believe that everyone is entitled to a family.

International patients


Single Women


Oncofertility patients


Patients over 50

over 50

Intended parents requiring surrogacy

Intended parents
requiring surrogacy

Here at Embryon Fertility Center in Cyprus, we believe that everyone is entitled to a family and we have designed programs suitable for all intended parents, regardless of status. We also assist single prospective parents, including those of advanced age.


fertility tourism

Fertility treatment
can be hard enough.
Welcome… Fertility Tourism
in Cyprus

Located in sunny Limassol, Cyprus many intended parents are choosing fertility tourism and seeking treatment with us here on our beautiful Mediterranean island. We specialize in handling patients who have experienced, on average, 4 previous failed attempts with local or foreign clinics.

To help ease the stress of treatment from a distance, we work around your schedule and are practiced in facilitating the coordination of long-distance patient monitoring. This includes round-the-clock support via video call during the delicate medical preparation period. Our international patient coordinators understand international concerns and are on hand to assist from start to finish.

Specifically for our international patients, we have in place a wide network of professionals. Our team is ready to help with multi-language case managers consistently available to help plan your visit to us.

From providing detailed insight into your treatment plan, answering your questions, helping with your transportation, and assisting you in finding comfortable and affordable accommodation, no question is too small.

Cyprus is a well-situated European hub, with sunny weather and a serene, peaceful location to help ease the stress you may be justifiably feeling.

Many beach resorts, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues are within just a short driving distance away to our clinic, giving you every opportunity to make your fertility care as enjoyable as possible. Why not let vacation-like surroundings be the backdrop for your baby’s conception?

Below is a list of resources which may help you plan your stay. Please ask your coordinator for any help you may need.

Our Mission

Our overall goal is to help every man and woman experience the miracle of parenthood, something we believe is achievable for all, regardless of previous failures or discouragement.
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